Welcome to BaksteenMel – The Brick Specialist!

Quality building materials to build a nation.
Bricks are our forte.
All Our products carry the SABS Mark.


Our brick repertoire includes, but is not limited to: Cement stock Bricks, Cement Maxi Bricks, Cement Blocks, Clay Stocks Bricks, Clay Maxi Bricks , Clay Semi-face Bricks, Clay Face Bricks, Paving Bricks, Clay Engineering Bricks, etc.

You send us the brick you are looking for & we will find it for you.

We also distribute Bagged Cement, Sand & Stone.





Since our inception, bricks have always been at the heart of our business. Bricks have been in our family for more than three generations and in fact you can go as far as to say we live and breathe bricks.

Not only are we passionate about bricks but we extend our passion to all kinds of bricks irrespective of shape, size, or colour. We pride ourselves in tracking down any brick required by any of our customers. If we don’t have it, we will find it for you. We do all this for the benefit of the customer.

We provide bricks for houses that last a lifetime. Our only goal is to see our customers satisfied with quality building materials.

We also wish to impart the love of bricks on our customers but thankfully with good quality bricks love comes naturally.

Apart from bricks, we also supply and distribute other building material namely: bagged cement, sand and stone. Apart from the building material itself, we also run a fleet of 45 heavy duty vehicles. Not only are you guaranteed a top quality brick but you are also assured reliable and timeous deliveries with a smile.
Our fleet is highly specialized and fully mechanized.

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We have the quality you deserve and the means of getting it there irrespective of the site restrictions.

SA Block

We have a strategic partnership with the biggest brick manufacturer in the South Africa, namely SABLOCK and we are proud and delighted to admit that we are their biggest off-take of bricks.


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We sell approximately 10 million bricks per month. These bricks reach all of Gauteng and neighbouring provinces. We do not discriminate and we supply our quality bricks from low-cost housing to exclusive developments.

Due to the large volumes of various products we purchase, our pricing structure is more competitive than competing manufacturers. Part of our secret is that we incorporate our volume discounts along with our specialized and optimized fleet into our delivered price all for the benefit of the customer.


We are the biggest independent distributor of Maxis/ Cement Stocks throughout Gauteng from Low-Cost Housing to Exclusive Developments.

Mutch Building Supplies  BaksteenMel

Our group of companies specializes in the following:

• Specialized Transport of Bulk Building Materials – Sand/ Stone/ Bricks/ Cement/ Concrete Products.
• Long Distance as well as Local Freight.
• Supply of Building Materials in Bulk at below Manufacturer’s prices – due to our vast volumes and long-standing relationships with manufacturers we attract better volume discounts & pricing structures. Our specialized payload-driven brick/ cement handling equipment give us a competitive advantage.
• Partnering of construction companies for the development of Low-Cost Housing as well as Exclusive Residential Estates.

    SA Block Afrisam Bags Afrisam Brikor Corobrick Sephaku

Please call the office for a comprehensive list of our manufacturing partners.


+27 (0) 82 887 6000/6009/6019
+27 (0) 11 743 1111/9930/9931