Current Specials extended due to popular demand!

Prices valid until 31 December 2018

ALL Prices include VAT and delivery in the Gauteng Area


Additional Fees  are charged for Small Loads, Split-Loads and Moffett Off-Loads

Please phone our sales team on 011 743 1111 for more details, or email us at


Lafarge Durabuild 32.5 N SABS Bagged Cement @ R55.50/per bag excluding vat, including delivery

Load sizes of 640 Bags
Refundable Pallets Charged @ R195/per pallet, excluding vat, collected free of charge.


Cement stocks 7 MPA R1399/1000
Loads of 10000/12000/14000
Cement stocks 10 MPA R1509/1000
Loads of 10000/12000/14000
Cement maxis 7 MPA R2869/1000
Loads of 5000/6000
Clay stocks R1539/1000
Loads of 10000/12000
Smaller loads, use of moffett and special truck fees apply for smaller quantities or split-loads or Estate Deliveries 
Paving and Face Bricks
Prices available on request 
Sand and Stone
Building Sand @ R363/m³
River Sand @ R491/m³
Plaster Sand @ R454/m³
13mm Concrete Stone @ R484/m³
19mm Concrete Stone @ R495/m³
13mm Builders Blend @ 496/m³
19mm Builders Blend @ R507/m³